About Me , My Life & Everything in between

For starters everything I write in this blog is true. My life experiences,dating history, and everything I go through emotionally. The only thing I have changed is the names of individuals I mention , because just because I chose to put my life out there does not mean they do.

My name is Kelsey , I am 25 years old ,a  New York Native who moved to Atlanta to find peace, love , and happiness. I am a second year Medical Student who is specializing in pediatric medicine, yet still finding time to date and have sex.

I try to write my blogs in between class sessions, get smoothered by my cat and my dominican mother , and planning my next vacation. I’ve lived all over the East Coast, travel to other countries to study their health care system , and love doing hoodrat stuff with my friends.

Through all of my experiences one thing I know , is I do not know it all , and I am here trying to figure it all out.