Just tell me I’m the one…..the pressure

from the very beginning I knew things with him were different. I have never in my life been so amazed by someone before. We talked every single day , sometimes all day. I knew what he was thinking before he said it and even the people around me could tell the difference.

Everyone knew he was the one for me just as much as I did and maybe that’s why the pressure just kinda got built up. No relationship is perfect let me start by saying that and things between us were great don’t get me wrong but I feel like we were forcing ourselves and our family was forcing us to be more serious than what we were ready for. I mean we’ve only been dating a year at this point.

The combination i deployment and him possibly moving was building up. I had worked day shift for a few months now but was interested in a night position and I talked to him before applying and was even willing to sacrifice the job in order to keep us on the same schedule. Him on the other hand applied and interviewed for a job in Florida 😒. He didn’t ask me he didn’t say anything until it was done and over with. I prayed he wouldn’t get picked. How selfish was I to pray he didn’t get this job so we could stay together and continue to grow. Well he got it and I assumed this meant that we would be getting married and moving to Florida , together. Boy was I wrong. He expected me to stay and wait for him and honestly I would have loved to bit I couldn’t.

Things between us was starting to fall apart. We stopped speaking every day, we stopped seeing each other. On one of our last dates together I asked him did he love me and he said he doesn’t know. He may not have loved me but I loved me and I knew it was time to walk away. Once again I am heart broken. I wished hoped and prayed we could be back to where we were yet he couldn’t tell me I was the one.

Larry couldn’t tell me I was the one either and look where me and him are now too ? I just wanted to know that we were going somewhere. I picked out a ring a few weeks ago and I was never going to get it.

i am heartbroken once again. Another single girl in the subarbs , something had to change.


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