I picked out a ring

We talked about marriage once on our first time trip out of town, but honestly everyone I ever dated has said they wanted to marry me. But he is the first person I actually wanted to. I always wanted a wedding but a husband , I never imaged. He was getting ready to go over seas for work and despite the many years I said I wasn’t going to wait for someone , I had we going to wait for him. I was going to rent out my apartment and I was going to move in with him. One day while away for work he sent me an email asking me which one I liked. It was a link to pearl rings ! He gets me.

Diamonds are a girls best friend but it was something special and different about us that we deserved a different stone. My heart sank was I really ready for this , was this really going to happen. I stopped fantasizing about my wedding the day I ended things with Larry. I didn’t think it would happen any time soon and here it was I picked out a ring.

I’m planning our green and gold wedding in my head. I also started to feel the scared feeling holy shit he wants me to be his wife. I was excited , scared , confused , and my heart dropped this was it. Someone was taking this single girl off the market.

This was it. My adult relationship was going the distance and doing what people do when they are in serious committed relationships.

All I had to do was wait and he would ask. My grad school graduation was coming up so I assumed he would wait until my family came down. Yet he wasn’t excited to meet him. My grandparents live off the coast and was dying to meet him and he declined and then once his parents came to town one weekend he ignored me.

I was confused this man had me pick out a ring of coarse that means he wanted to marry me or was I wrong ? I must certainly was.

the perfect world and perfect bubble we were living in was coming to a close and the perfect pear ring I picked out was not going to be on my finger any time soon. I was crushed.

Everything we never fought about and every issue we never fought about was coming to pass , but we could fix this. My perfect man was not going to disappear from me I won’t let him !

Evrruthing was going to be fine , he was going to tell me I was the one. I just knew it and I sat there and waited……


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