I’ve never been in love before

you never know what you haven’t experienced until you do it for the first time. when I realized that I loved him I knew I had never been in love before. The way I feel about this man is nothing I have ever experienced before , not even with the man who was almost my husband. Everything between us was not perfect but it was my fairy tale.

We got over the ex girlfriend drama and was spending every minuet together. He lived across the water 35 minutes away in the city so I would spend weeks at a time at his house with all of my things. He even gave me a key I could use at any time. One day he asked we take a vacation. I was scheduled to work Christmas Eve and he was working Christmas Day so I switched with a co worker so we could be together and even left work early the day before.

we decided to go to nagional harbor in D.C. And on the way there we talked about family , dating Americans , being black , getting married. My heart dropped he said he wouldn’t be with me if he didn’t see a future with me or think about marrying me and I couldn’t believe it. I asked him why did he pick this place and he told me a co worker has a slide show of places she’s been with her boyfriend and he wrote a list of all the places he wanted to take me.

We went to capital wheel and somewhere in the cold overlooking the water , I looked at him and I realized I was in love. Mind blowing love that shook me to the core and which I would never be the same.

Every wrong decision I ever made , every heart break , everything I went through was leading me to him. It may not have been the perfect relationship but this is everything I’ve ever wanted and nothing could change it.

I am in love and I want to shout it to the mountains. I am so thankful things with people never worked out because I would have never met him. It’s official I am over Larry because we had the idea of love and it was time I experienced it.


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