We could have had it all.

I’m newly into my relationship with the greatest man I have ever met in my life. Larry couldn’t even get me to leave this man no one could stop it.

William and I had a fucked up relationship. I meant it when I said we would never slee together but it didn’t stop us from hanging out. Even though he had a girlfriend we still went on regular dates , dinner , movies , you name it I just never had to sleep with him. The week I met Mr.Big I had dinner with William and our friends. One night he sent me a text message ( group message ) and said he had a girlfriend and all of this had to stop. I was more hurt he sent me it in a group message like I was in the same category as his other women. I vowed to never speak to him again and I didn’t.

thkngs with me and this perfect man were goin great. We established we were in a relationship and I’m minding my own business. William hit me up one day asking to have lunch with me at work and he always did when we were together , but he stood me up. He texted me offering to make me dinner and I declined. The next day he called me and said do you still work on the 3rd floor I told him no I’m on the 4th now he said meet me at the elevator.

He took me in an empty room where we talked about us and how he still had hopes for me and him. I told him I had a boyfriend and he snapped. I’m talking about he snapped so bad to the point my co workers had to check up on me and make sure he didn’t kill me.

he said I was supposed to be his wife and have his kids and me and him had too much to throw away. I may be down playin our relationship for blog purposes but I’ve known William for months and I honestly thought he was going to be my husband. I was confused.

do I go back with the man I have history with or do I stay with a man who has done nothing wrong to me. I went with my heart. I agreed to have dinner with William. I texted con telling him an he said didn’t he just get married ?

Social media tells it all I went searching in Facebook and I saw nothing, went to his dads page and there is was. Not only did this man get married but his wife had a baby 10 days before he showed up at my job professing his love to me ! Really ? After everything I was willing to throw away my first healthy relationship for him and the hopes there would be something there.

I confronted him and told him to stay with his baby momma wife whatever she is. I’m done and I confessed to my boyfriend but I learned a valuable lesson that William Henry wasn’t the one for me. I can’t have someone else’s husband.

I would one day have my own……..


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