Uber Bae

I plan on taking Bryan to my family reunion that summer. I haven’t took a man home to meet my family since Larry , but we were broken up. I’m constantly trying to figure out now why I was so heart broken by a man I only dated for 3 months. I realized I was doing it again. I was more in love with the idea than the actual person. I made new dating accounts and there was no one , I felt all alone.

My frievd Renee lived in the city and she said let’s go out one night and because I live an hour away and planned to drink my feelings away I decided to uber there and back. We went out had a great time and I decided I didn’t want to go home with anyone. The previous slut in me had died. The idea of fucking away my heartbreak didn’t seem so appealing it just seemed sad and childish. We split the uber home and night and when the driver and me were alone in the car we talked. I told him I liked his accent and gave him my real number. He called me the next day and asked me out. Now I had a few dates lined up from my online adventures so I wasn’t going to go out with him just yet. I put it off for about a month.

On  our first date he took me bowling. It was an okay date he was kinda quiet it was okay. The old me would have took him home to fuck him to make my night go better but I didn’t. Instead I let him take me out again. We went for drinks and this time he opened up to me joked about me being 12 and not able to drink and I joked about him being African. I never realized it was so many negative stereotypes about African men until I dated one he was sweet kind funny and all about me or at least I thought.

I picked on it early he was dating other women and that I wasn’t his only one. I never imaged he had a girlfriend he was trying to patch things up with the same time as me. The crazy thing is I wasn’t hurt. I was fucking and dating other men to but I liked him , he was different.

He wes honest with me and told me the truth about all his other women we agreed to let it be just us.

We did. The first time in my adult like I had a real life boyfriend. Not just any boyfriend but I was in a healthy adult relationship , this is what it is supposed to feel like.

Before you knew it I was in love.


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