Kelsey is an epic bitch part 2

Things with the fighter fighter were over I knew about larrys girlfriend and I was afraid of being alone as always. I thought about the last time I had a nice guy and I instantly thought of Alex because he was cute , smart , funny , sweet , oh and I was also an epic bitch to him.

i didn’t the suttle thing since I didn’t have his number anymore I messaged him on Facebook , I didn’t see anybody post or females so I assumed his was single. Things started off slowly few messages here and there , cute text messages , than visits to my house in the suburbs. The first time we hung out again we had sex and it was like I remembered fun and exiting he ate my box and we were getting together having sex regularly again.

We never mentioned what happened in the past and I made sure that we would never have to speak on my wrong doings but I got drunk one night with my friends and told him I want him back. And just like that we were together again officially.

things were different this time around , he wasn’t interested in coming to my house and getting to know me instead I was making the 45 minuet commute to him and our dates were spent with him at the table discussing himself it was boring. The fun exciting sex we used to have wasn’t fun anymore because I had experience now I was used to how good sex could be and what he was giving me just wasn’t enough.

So when I would make the commute to his house either before or after I would go see Jordan and get the dick I deserved. With Jordan having a dick the size of my forearm and Alex having one the size of my iPhone I’m sure he knew my walls were loose or pussy wasn’t being beat up because of him.

we had Mediocre love I only wanted to be around him because he answered the phone when I called was there every night and texted me back. This time around things were different the man who bought me flowers just because and spent every night at my house was no questioning my motives , wanted to know who I was with all the time , what I was doing , trying to get me to move in with him.

I felt like I was settling I didn’t know how to end things I mean every girl wants a nice guy and I didn’t want him. We got in a huge argument one night and he let me know the good guy he once was is ginenbecause of me and because I chose to cheat on him with Larry and he has changed.

Even with the women he dated aftrr me he became cold and distant because I chose the wrong guy over him. I admit it and I’ll own up to it Kelsey is a major fucking bitch but guess what he  wasn’t so innocent either. I went out of town to see my parents and he took another girl to the movies , he faked sex with me numerous times , he would not get his daughter on the weekends because he wanted to make sure I didn’t go out and blamed me for it seeing his daughter. The one thing he did that drove me insane was try to control me and disrespect me. He talked to me like I was his child or his dog, I couldn’t take it.

one night I went to a party and met Bryan it was supposed to be a one night stand but he back night after night , that’s a different story 🙄. We clicked and for the first time in a long time I had a connection with someone. When me and Alex ended things I started dating him. 3 months go by and Alex tells me he’s going back over seas.

i already established I wasn’t waiting for anyone and he asked me to and I had Finns honest. I wanted to move and he had his daughter and I mean if I was as desperate for marriage as people claim I would have married Alex just because. I mean did ,he asked me , in the middle of the street and if I was desperate I would have said yes.

I didn’t I embarrassed him but I told him on our previous conversation that I didn’t want to get married at least not to him. Eventually I told him I was seeing someone and he thought once again I was seeing my ex and I wasn’t.

i told him he spent so much time trying to worry about me being with my ex he didn’t work on being with me. Honestly he just wasn’t the one.

i was an epic bitch and I’m sorry. Alex I’m sorry I mean he blocked me on Facebook and every time I talked to him since then he’s been a dick. I deserve it but it was a lesson learned don’t settle for something just because you want it


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