Never go 0 to 100 to quick

There is no surprise that working in healthcare that there are long hours , sleepless nights , and essentially the men I meet and date are either students , doctors, or other health care workers. I met a figure fighter who worked part time doing medical transport ( ambulance service for taking patients from the hospital) he was funny , sweet , cute , we had 5 amazing dates I even met his friends.

i made the mistake that all women make especially when they are young and stupid I thought every man I dated was supposed to be my husband and he wasn’t.

every love song that came on the radio I thought was about him , my subliminal instagram post were about him , everything was falling into place, hell I even told Larry I had a new boyfriend. My heart broke one night after sushi when he told me he was dating other girls.

i left his house in a wreck , I was turning over a new leaf not trying to sleep with every guy who asked my how my day was , and wanted him to wait and work it , but it was backfiring. He wanted to have sex and I wanted to marry a man I dated for all of 10 dates. I bought movie tickets for us to see 50 shades of grey bought lingerie because Valentine’s Day was going to be the night.

essentially everything I planned in my head was never coming to pass. After I left his house angry he called me out saying I expected him to be my happily ever after and I wanted him to do all of these great expectation nsnand he hasn’t even slept with me. I defended myself saying no and I’m dating other men too , but I lied 🤥. I was going from 0 to 100 too quick and it was making me feel more alone than anything.

One nigtht we agreed to sleep together and It was the worst Sex of my life. I stayed the njghg and it was uncomfortable I left and I knew something had shifted and changed. It wasn’t because we had sex , it is because we had super bad sex. I tried and held on for as long as I could but I knew something changed.

those Valentine’s Day plans went out the window and low and behold he ultimately said we are not compabile on any level and needed things. I was furious because I made up this whole relationship with this man in my head and it broke me. I was supposed to up one on Larry and I didn’t I’m alone again. Stuck with 150 of lingerie and movie tickets with no date.

this man I seen and flirted with everyday at work avoided my floor to the point his partner told me about it. This man I wrote constantly IG post about and thought I found love with blocked my number.

i learned a valuable lesson to let the love flow naturally do not go 0 to 100 too quick and to keep my buisness off Instagram


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