Eat.Pray.Love.& all that other bullshit

New Year’s Eve 2014,I spent it with Jordan because Larry was too busy for me. At this point I didn’t know about his girlfriend but I knew something was going on. I spent every holiday that year with a different man and where that get me ? No where because I was here going to kiss a man at midnight that I didn’t want to spend my 2015 with so what was I supposed to do ? My sister turned 30 in January and we went back to newyork to see our family and I had already planned my trip for February to see k Michelle and then it hit me.

i have never in my life done anything without Larry. I went to Mexico once as a gift from Larry , I went to Miami as a gift from William , I went to D.C. on a date with Alex everytime I did something was because of a man not because of anything I ever wanted to do so I wanted to fix that. I wanted to travel and experiment without a man because that’s all my life was revolving into without me even noticing.

my mission was to be the adventurous woman I knew I could be and I did. I traveled to 3 countries and every state on the east coast, not only did I do that but I hiked , jumped out of a plane , took a cooking class , painted a whole room in my house . Things I never thought I would do because I was too busy chasing after men. I stopped buying outfits for the purposes of dates with men and I started to buy shoes to impress women.

i gained weight read dozens of books focused on grad school started to advance in my career and honestly itngot to the point where I felt fine without havin anyone.i was on my journey of self discovery everything was goingn great until she happended.

do you believe that there are women out there whose soul purpose in life is to make us feel bad about ourself ? I do because that’s exactly how Larrys girlfriend made me feel. Bad about myself and the bitch isn’t even cute.

I went from Eat Pray Love to some other bullshit and once again I was letting Larry and our breakup define me and my story.

However I still kept the part of me that craved adventure and excitement even till this day , I want to enjoy my single season. So many blogs and ministries focus on single women finding a man and findin their purpose , but I don’t need that. In the beginning it was about a man picking me up and pulling me back together but the more I’m on my journey of singleness it’s about me being me.

being single isn’t a punishment and it is nothing to feel bad about. The summer I first became single I went to 4 weddings and 3 baby showers and guess what ? It hurt me inside I though I was never going to get married and never have a baby.

i would have been married at 21 pregnant my 23 living happily ever after at 25 ( now ) but instead I didn’t livw up to the dreams I wanted but I have a better life than I expected. I am a world traveler , blogger , food critic , vegan , yoga enthusiast , aunt , friend , professional dater, and most importantly I am a successful woman who will change the world one child at a time.

you can not live your accomplishments through who your husband is and what he does. I’m living the greatest life possible , doing things people wish they can do , and so 5,10,20 year maybe if I ever meet my future husband I could tell him of everything I’ve done and the journey it took for me to get to him.

and guess what ? That’s just fabulous too.


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