Larrys new girlfriend

Did I think that Larry was going to be single forever , honesty no. Did I think that he would be in another serious relationship after me , no. Larry had this thing for hood rats and although I’m from the hood there isn’t an ounce of hood about me. So none of the women he dated was going to amount to nothing , ever. So he could date all her wanted to.

well that is until he started dating THE GIRL. She went to high school with him , worked with him at Dominos pizza , she also was a close friend of his , one I never paid mind to because 1. She was ugly and 2. She was gay.

For as long as we knew her she only dated women it was until I seen she was dating my man I felt some type of way. I found out the same way I found out about him cheating on me via Instagram. She posted pictures of the gifts he bought he for Valentine’s Day and although she never tagged him I had an idea it was him.

whenever I asked him about it he declined and wondered who told me etc but I knew it and it was over between us.

For months I asked Larry to come over , hang out , going to dinner with me , see me , hell or even text me back and he didn’t. Yet I hung on to him and the idea of us getting back together. My friends planned a trip to myrtle beach for bike Weekend and I declined because I said Korey and I are going to Mexico the more I thought about it the more I realized I haven’t spoke to this man in months how the hell are we planning a trip together ?

when I found out they were living in together I did the unthinkable , I showed up to his house and literally got on my hands and knees and begged. Did he love her more than me ? Was it really over between us ? Did he really mean this was the end of us ?

you know in those times of heartbreak you only think of the happy moments between you and your ex ,but I wasn’t happy when I was with him. Being with him felt like I had cancer and that if I stayed with him it would have killed me if I letgo it would hurt me to the core.

I criedd all night and I was embarrassed because I made a fool of myself all for a man who time after time after time proved to me ,he didn’t love me and I wasn’t the one. So many times I wanted Larry to tell me I was and he couldn’t because I wasn’t.

This brought me back to the time I was on the beach and he said he couldn’t marry me. It was real and we were over . We were never ever ever getting back together and I had no choice but to fall of the face of the earth and disappear.

I took a social media break ,I avoided his side of the city ,and tried to figure out who Kelsey was without him.


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