He threw a shoe at me

i quickly rebounded from Jordan I mean yes he fucked md and left me alone , but this is something I was getting used to. I learned from my mistakes with Von and tried to avoid sleeping with men before we were in a relationship of even close to being in one.

I met him on Instagram he like all of my pictures , cliche huh ? Well it started off nice , lunches , early dinners , I even spent thanksgiving with his family that year. I met his friends and he met mine. It was going perfect.

i believed I would have a valentine the next year if things kept up and I honestly wasn’t even sleeping with him. At this point we never even kissed. I did tel him I wasn’t a sexual person and it was mainly because I got dumped for acting naturally.

He said he understood. I even had a policy of no home dates so no Netflix and chill, nothing that involved us being at each other’s houses.

i invited him over one night to help me decorate the tree for Christmas and to teach him how to paint. Since things with Larry were not going anywhere i decided to try new things.

here I am at home with all my paint supplies sweat pants ready for a nice relaxing evening and since I lived so far from the city I decided he could stay the night completely a sexual. I’m so thankful that I have never been sexually assulted and I have been in some scary situations.

he showed up to my house drunk several hours later than expected. Me trying to be a decent person have him water , something for a headache and then was going to put him to bed. He tried to kiss me.

i didn’t let him. Why would I allow for him to ? Yes we went on maybe 3/4 dates and they were good but it wasn’t enough for Me to open my legs for him. I told him no and he said I was leading him on and I was teasing him.

We were upstairs in my bedroom where he started to take off his cloths and as I’m handing him his things he threw a shoe at me and said he didn’t have time for this and that he was too grown. I could have been weak decided to duck him to get him to stay I mean things were going so well but I couldn’t do it.

I may have been strong enough to say no to us having sex but I was weak because I texted him apologizing. I didn’t do anything wrong , last time I checked I didn’t get drunk show up to his house and cause a scene. He did just to tell me we were not compatible , just for him to make it seem like I was crazy because I wanted to wait and get to know the man I had sex with.

The crazy part about all of it is I would have added him to my list and 4 years later I can’t even remember his name , guess it wasn’t that important.

It taught me that no matter what do what’s in your gut. My gut told me not to sleep with him it ended up with me getting a shoe thrown at me but it’s one less body on my list.


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