Shout out to the home owners

At this point Larry and I were done. He left my the second time the same way he did the first. We were supposed to sign the papers rent a townhouse and he said he couldn’t do it. Mind y’all he spent the night every night for the last 9 months but did not want to be added to my lease and now we were planning on getting a bigger place.

Rhis aparrment was 1,290 a month for one bedroom and about 680 square feet. I couldn’t afford it I barely was making enough to cover rent alone , I never knew how to budget or to save Larry had money he helped me pay all of my bills. So now I am stuck. I have to vacate this aparrment in 30 days and had no where to go.

my sister encouraged me to get my own townhouse which I did which required me to move an hour outside of the city in the suburbs away from my friends and family. I bought a nice 3 bed room 1200 square foot apartment for super cheap from my friend mom who used it to rent out.

I should have felt accomplished but comming from work every night to that big space made me lonely. No larry , no man , I even broke down and got a cat.

i let the concept of me being alone overshadow the fact I purchased a beautiful home at the age of 22. I was starting grad school January had everything I could have wanted , but I was lonely. I mean I did just go out with Jordan the tall 32 year old but that was a hit a quit it and we were over before we barely started.

O did what I always did. Wait for Larry to pop up at my house and knock on my door like he always did , but this time he didn’t. There were a lot of changes I had to go though and I still never learned how to be single, at least at this point I didn’t.

I will get there eventually. Anyone thinking of buying a home do it. Best feeling ever and make sure you appreciate it and even if you are buying it and it’s just for you and your cat, you will be just fine. He will come eventually.


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