Date an Older man they told me ……

At this point in my life I’m 22 years old and Larry was 24. Now to explain this I have to say I wanted to date men who were nothing like Larry. When I think of him I think of a shorter Rick Ross. Like 5’6″. Me I’m a tiny thing I’m barely 5’2″ and I was obsessed with dating men who are the same height as NBA players.

I met one prior to me moving. He was 6 ft 7 32 years old prior army ( I had a thing for them obviously ), doing IT for the local cable company.

He was a tree I wanted to climb. We had our first date when I moved to this new city, not Atlanta , but I moved to the suburbs of another state prior to coming here .we had an average first date of drinks and it was great we didn’t even kiss goodnight.

I was told not to have sex on the first date , we didn’t , we had sex on the second date. It was everything !!!! Still the biggest dick i have ever seen in my life , it was big and black and could barely fit inside of me. However , I gave up my cookie showed him I could take dick like a porn star and he disappeared on me. He blocked my number , I learned this when I called him it went to voicemail , when I called from work it rang.

was I being to forward ? Did I scare him off ?was the sex bad because he hit it twice ? I was the typical younger woman with an older man I wanted to show him my sexual appetite was eager and hungry. We had Sex all that night and twice that morning. I even got up and cooked him breakfast.!

When he blocked my number it wasn’t immediately , maybe a week later but still. I was thinking older men would be better for me. I had this home and I needed a man in it. I needed someone to help fill my voids of loneliness. Every love song I listen ed to on my phone I would pretend it was about us even when it wasn’t.

I tried to do the same thing I always did and force a relationship with someone who isn’t there. He didn’t want me and sex no matter how great it was was not enough to keep him around.

I dated an older man like I was told and it got me no where. But like all the men in life , it wasn’t easy for Jordan to disappear. There was a point in time when we were having regular and consistent sex.

we went about 30 days without speaking and one day he texted me and said a typical fuck boy  line of he got a new phone. We agreed to once again meet for drinks after my jobs Christmas party. After drinks we went back to his house, he picked me up and it went down once again. The sex was better and the dick was better than I remembered.

Things started to progress slowly it went from you need to get on birth control , to let’s not ise a condom , to let me cum inside of you. I felt I was being manipulated by this man. He was 32 with a 4 year old son from his previous marriage so I know he wasn’t trying to get me pregnant but how he eased me into this process of constantly having sex with him.

i let him do anything he wanted to me. I was his sex doll, he could fuck me any way he wanted anywhere he wanted. I’m 22 but I look like I’m 12 and this grown man who is a giant next to me , like he was kidnapping me was fucking me like a rag doll. And I loved it.

He was on my list for months for good dick and is part of the reason I was an epic bitch part 2. Dating an older man wasn’t as cracked up as I thought it would be. He was 32 acting like he was 22, so where did it get me ? No where ! But that was just him , there would be others.


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