Should I feel liberated ? Feeling 22

The year I turned 22 is the year Taylor Swift came out with that song 22. This story is about should I feel liberated , or am I just a slut.

The summer I turned 22 was starting off to be the start of my dark times in life. I am not ashamed of anything I have done before , but I thought I should ease up before getting into my heavy material here right ? The weekend I turned 22 I slept with 3 men in less than 48 hours.

at this point Larry was staying in my apartment even though I recently moved out of ours. I told him it was a girls weekend , my friends were coming into town and to stay away, so he stayed at his moms. Von came over first it was a fuck me real hard up against against the wall and leave ,And after I went out with the girls.I proceeded to get extremely drunk to the point I threw up in my car. The same night William came over for a quick fuck after the club and then once again Sunday morning , and then Sunday night I spent with Larry again. Maybe I had sex with him twice instead of once 🤔. You know after a while everyone kinda blends together.

this was the start of my 22nd year on this life , I mean I already slept with all of them it doesn’t matter right ? At the time I justified my actions not to anyone but to myself. I am a single successful independent woman.

Because this lifestyle was going to be my norm. Yes I was kinda creeping on Larry and ultimately it was payback for what he did to me. We technically weren’t exclusive and between all those arguments no sex was being had. I still didn’t know anything besides what he liked, and once again this isn’t about him , but this is about me.

Kegals work wonders and I mean I had to go through my sexual revolution. I had to experience sex to understand it better.

I had to get away from the mentality that this is the way he liked it, every man wasn’t Larry. I wasn’t that same virgin who was taught and molded by a man who was supposed to be my husband.

I mean what do I like ? What is it I want to do ? I can not keep living under his shadow , I felt so trapped. I mean at 22 we think we know it all so why not go out and actually learn it. My body count jumped from 1 to 5 in a span of a year . And I wasn’t ashamed. I study science and this was experimental. Besides this isn’t even the worst story about me and my sex life. I’ve done worse , but should I have felt liberated ? All I felt like was shame because I was changing into a person I didnt know. I feel like I had no power , and I was determined to get that power back.


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