Kelsey is an epic bitch part 1

There is two parts to me and Alex’s relationship and in both parts I am an epic bitch , but hey I’m human. I met him online and we had an awful first date. I was 45 minuets late , he made me pay for my food , and pretty much was pissed at me giving me the evil eye over our sushi.

One month later I get a call while studying that he wanted to take me out to the beach and there we had a better encounter. We spent the day at the beach , drinking wine slushes ( those things are amazing ), followed by dinner and a movie , and great conversation.

this was followed by several other dates but Alex was socially awkward something I was aware of but hey at this point I was dating William and Von so it was nothing new. While my ex flaunted his new girlfriend and baby I was enjoying the company of a simple single man who didn’t play any games when it came to me. This was smooth sailing, if marriage was my goal I would be there pretty soon with him.

He dated me even when I wasn’t having. Sex , he paid for every date , he introduced me to his daughter who is the cutest thing ever ! We were great. I was falling in love , or was I ? All of these men I thought I loved I knew I felt nothing for until I felt the love that shook me to the core , that story is going to take. While to tell. Thing of this as the blog version for of how I met your mother , except I still didn’t meet him yet.

the day Larry showed up to my door Alex never stood a chance. I had sex with him instantly and it was followed by Instagram pictures and Facebook post about how me and the love of my life got back together. The same man who I cursed into shame was back in my life and there was no room for Alex anymore. Because I have never had to dump a guy I didn’t know hot to do it. Text messages stopped , phone calls weren’t getting returned , he did everything besides pop up to my house to speak to me. Finally he did the unthinkable . He found my Facebook band sent me a message.

because we slept together every night in my house he had a drawer nothing in there besides some boxers and army shorts but Larry seen it and threw it out. With the Facebook message came with him checking out my page. I made it public because I wanted Debbie Larrys baby momma to see how me and him were back together.

When she seen it Alex seen it too. There i just ruined a perfectly good man for no good reason for a relationship that didn’t last, yet Kelsey turned out to be an epic bitch and broke a heart. I spent a year trying to repair mine all to do it to someone else.

I always thought about Alex , I thought maybe he’s the one who got away. Time woould tell , but don’t worry folks I get to be an epic bitch again towards him.


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