Kelsey & Larry part 2

Me talking about Larry will literally be enough to write an entire book about. He literally shaped and molded a lot about me and my personality because of the hurtful deceitful things he did in our relationship.

when I first mentioned him I discussed how he ended our enagagement at the beach. He said it is because he didn’t love me , he didn’t. He also got another woman pregnant too , but let’s save that story and revisit it if necessary.

He slept with his other high school girlfriend and she ended up pregnant. Mind y’all she was pregnant the year before by someone else and had a miscarriage. I found out he cheated on Instagram, when he posted pictures of her and her pregnant stomach. I left our apartment moved closer to the beach changed my number left him alone.

the girl had the baby , he was there , cut the cord , took picture she and everything.I watched the man I love live happily ever after with another woman.

the DNA results were in and it wasn’t his baby. There he was , knocking on my door. And just like that we were back together officially , whatever that means.

However the history between us never resolved , we always fought , we always argued , he was never going to understand the level of distrust I had for him.

We argued and fought 20x worser than we ever did when we were together. He didn’t love me and as much as I tried I didn’t love him. Because of my choices to take him back and try again this is why I’m forever AJ epic bitch to Alex.

Larry and I planned at the end of the year when my lease was up to get a townhouse together. Everything was set in stone all we had to do is sign the lease. Once again whennir came time to make a big decision he was no where to be found. He said he couldn’t do it. Once again I was heartbroken by him. This second heartbreak was harder than the first and lead to me doing extreme things to hide my pain and learn my life lessons. I don’t know about you , but I’m feeling 22.


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