Things I learned by not having sex…the first time

For starters I wish to say that this post was about how I learned the value in keeping my legs closed and learned to have power over my pussy , but I didn’t. I learned by not having Sex that I needed to have sex to learn my life lessons about Sex.

some people who don’t have sex , do not date making it very easy to not have sex. Me on the other hand it was me going on a lot of dates thanks to online dating. Through this I met two men Alex and Chandler. I learned previously in can I date two men , that it is perfectly acceptable to date two men at once.

Alex did try to marry me but that’s a different blog post for a later time. Chandler on the other hand , did not he was an oversexual person and to date me during my celibacy was new and exciting to him. I met him on tinder and after a few gym dates Netflix with no chill I learned although he was 26 he liked to screw college freshmen. He had a whole roaster built up for it. I mean he was cute , he was tall , bald , bearded , light skinned the opposite of what I normally dated but hey he was willing to go out with me and I didn’t have to give my cookie up. I did eventually to him and that dick was amazing ! Definately top 5 of people I ever slept with ! In other news I learned from our asexual relationship that sexual chemistry could be felt and not acted on , I learned that men who date and sleep with other women won’t care about you being celibant because well they aren’t .

he did stop sleeping around I made him give up sex for 30days before sleeping with me and he did. I learned a lot about what I liked from him sexually as well.

Alex on the other hand is a chapter in my life, the part where I like to say Kelsey is a super bitch part 1. He dated me even though I repeatedly told him we were not going to have sex. He still listened to me , he was simple. He answered my phone calls , texted me back in a timely manner , booked a vacation for me as a Valentine’s Day gift months in advance all because I wanted to take a cruise he was super sweet. Seeing as he was the third person I slept with I didn’t know what I wanted sexually. I only knew how to fuck and suck the way Larry taught me how to. So when we had sex prior to my sexual awakening it was okay because I didn’t know better honestly.

I learned when I wasn’t having sex at this point it didn’t effect me because I wasn’t having any good Sex yet. I did have sex , lots and lots of sex , good and bad. And there would be more times when I would go without it because I learned the value of my body and my pussy by giving it away like it was candy.

The point of this blog post isn’t to say there is something wrong with waiting and you need to go through a sexual revolution but I needed to. I planned on saving myself for marriage and I only slept with Larry after he proposed to me.

i went through all of high school and a year of undergrad without giving up my cookie so to be single, date , and not have sex was alright for me. Some men did decide not to date me and some did , I would go through More periods in life where I would not have sex , but I learned more of a value behind it because I knew the good and bad parts from it.

during this time I was 21, newly single , and celibate for about 9 months. I learned I needed to have more Sex.


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