I was told not to have sex on the first date

One of the many lessons I learned was to never have Sex on the first date. I was told men would not respect you and would leave you for doing it , this is not to say I never did it , but something I learned.

a man can leave you on the 5th date as well as the 20th ,30 th or 40th. This story is about Von and will make him look like an asshole. Which he was in this story. Von is one of my best friends so this goes to show you he redeemed himself after this story.

3 months into dating and we decided to have sex. This was not a drunken night or a poor decision or even an impulse act. This was two adults who agreed to have intercoarse. He was going to be the first man I let inside of me since Larry and I was nervous. He came over and we did it.

everything became full circle. I had this perfect man who I vibed with , connected with , had amazing sex with. He was the one , William was away on business so I’m havin routine and regular dates and sex with Von.

then it wasn’t until he canceled a date something he never did that I realized men can and will leave you after sex even after the first date. He ignored me for weeks. I did what any good catholic would do , I went to Mass and then prayed for the strength to tell him about himself. I texted him and told him how I felt and he said what else is there for us to do ?

He said he slept with me before he was my boyfriend so I felt like damn another hurdle to overcome. I listened I followed advice I didn’t have sex on the first date but I had sex and it got me no where. Because Of this I decided to go celibant for a few months.

You would have thought I would have been done with Von about this but I wasn’t , I even slept with him a few more times after that. What did I learn ?


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