When he is the man of your dreams…..

Dating William Henrey taught me an important lesson of , if you like/love him someone else may to.

I made the list of the impossible , a man who combined looks, talents , and genuine love for me and I thought I was set. On our third date he told me he loved everything about me wanting to meet my family because I was told I was going to be his wife.

The first time I met his parents he said this is my future wife Kelsey. I was so sold on the idea of this , but at the same time I had to be smart. My ex fiancé had a government job where he had to work overseas a lot and here I am dating another man who has to travel for work. I could not wait for another man I couldn’t do it. So when he had to leave for work for 9 months I said I wouldn’t wait for him, I said I made that mistake before. However he was persistent. He sent me flowers every Thursday to my job. Called me every night when I left the gym , and he never stopped with the effection.

His instagram account held 32 pictures where I was in 25 of them , and I met him at the airport with his return. One year since meeting and this man was still the man of my dreams he was perfect. I was in love. I even changed my relationship status on Facebook to in a relationship with him. I always say his first and last name together because I only do that because I imagined his name next to mine. Kelsey Adams-Henry perfect at least to me.

Hes home we are dating everything is great. My new single straight male best friend Von said he knew my dream man and he had a girlfriend. I defended him no he didn’t , in all on his social media , we are always together , he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend. I only knew this because he flew me to see him when he went to work , spent thousands on dollars in flowers every week no there is no one else besides me. I believed Von was jealous and that he wanted me to himself. Every man I ever dated he always found something wrong but not with this one.

Here I decided tonight was the night I would make this thing official. Believe it or not William and I never had sex. One year in and he never pressured me , I told you he was perfect. Tonight he will get everything he’s waited for and more. I went to fredricks of Hollywood , bought something sexy and red. I showed up to his house unannounced and told him he can have me. He did and it was everything I imagined. Because of my latex allergy we needed more condoms. He went to the store and after an hour I got worried.

I texted him asking him was he okay and he broke my heart via text message. He said he feels bad because he cheated on his girlfriend. I asked him when did he cheat on me, and he didn’t , he cheated on her with me.Von was right. My dream man was the dream man for someone else. All those dinner dates , Instagram pictures , what is it all worth. Will he turn down sex with a beautiful girl for you ? Will he allow you to show up to his house unannounced in the middle of the night rock his world just to shatter yours.

One great thing about breaking up with Larry was that was the worst heartbreak in my life. Nothing has ever hurt me more than that. Even though I loved William Henry , it didn’t hurt as much when Larry left me.

Here I am 4am in the hood , naked and alone , just finished having sex and I learned that men will do anything to say they hit it. I told him i hope he enjoyed it for it will be the last time and it was. I have never slept with William again , but that doesn’t mean he’s disappeared from my life.

He still had a few more chapters in my life story and few more life lessons to teach me.



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