Can I date two men at once?

Here I am newly single , with myself off of the bathroom floor. I have my Mcat test to study for the most important test of my life, the one that determines my future , but I blew off studying to cry and be upset.

I can not cancel now, I am beyond single, I am homeless. I did not have a job , my ex fiance was making nearly 6 figures , I spent my time cleaning house, planning a wedding, and studying for school. Getting into medical school meant securing my future, and getting a place to live.

Running late to the building where I am supposed to take my test I find myself in the office of a handsome stranger who agreed to show me where to take my test in exchange of us having dinner if I passed my test. I passed it and a week later found myself on the perfect first date. For the first time in 3 months found myself connecting with a stranger and for once everything is perfect. Except for the other perfect man I was dating.

When I first became single , I was so over love and relationships that I made the list of my perfect guy. I knew in advance he did not exist. He had to be 6 foot 6 , gradate from Moorehouse with a degree in political science , be attending law school, have dark skin , hazel eyes, and most importantly be a QUE.

I met him in line at Starbucks as I tried to calm my nerves before my Med school interview. He said if my interview went well he would take me on a date. I got accepted into 3 local medical schools and he took me on a super fancy , expensive date. I was in love.

I had one man who was down to Earth from New Jersey , great job , great connection , a lot in common yet I coudn’t decide between him and the man from my list. Can I date two men at once?  The last man I dated I  was going to marry and I  met him at 15, so I assumed dating leads to marriage. I couldn’t marry two men , let alone date two. They both had qualities that I like , they both brought something to the table. Before I even wrapped my head around who or how to chose life made me make the choice.

The idea that I had two gorgeous men that I alternated to felt liberating. Here I am 21 , post breakup, dating two wonderful men and I wanted to give one of them up ? What the hell was wrong with me thinking I could get married at 21 , thinking I would marry the next man I dated, because I am still single , obviously I didnt marry them. However I got my second and third lessons on how to be single.

2. When he is the man of your dreams , he may be someone elses as well.

3.I was told not to have sex on the first date.


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